Telephone Switchboard Installation, Programming, and Repairs

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Contact Information


United States:     (+1) 845-470-0533

United Kingdom: (+44) 1458-888214


About Us

SomerTel was established by telecoms engineer David Bromley with the aim of providing high-quality telecommunications services to clients across the UK, as well as abroad.

David possesses over 33 years of experience in installing and repairing telephone systems, and he is skilled in a variety of manufacturers’ phone systems. The telecoms industry has evolved significantly since David first began his career, but he has ensured that he remains on the forefront of new technologies and processes, such as the installation of new SIP trunks.

David and the SomerTel engineers are able to adapt to diverse work processes, whether that involves working individually or as part of a team. Our engineers are also able to liaise with external suppliers regarding delivery, escalation, technical support, and quality and support issues.

The SomerTel office boasts its own lab, which houses various telephone systems including Nortel BCM 50 and 400, as well as CS1000, SSC, and CPPM processors. The lab allows the SomerTel engineers to build and rebuild any number of systems to order, as well as identify corrupted databases.

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