Telephone Switchboard Installation, Programming, and Repairs

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Please don't hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail if you have any questions about our services!

Email to is the preferred option, please, as I'm often out of the office.

🛠 Repairs

In the case of a complete system failure, such as hard drive corruption, we can carry out a complete system rebuild to restore the system to operating condition.

🎚 Configuration Changes and Updates

We carry out configuration changes for both modern and legacy telephony systems. Ranging from patching panels to routing telephone and computer equipment throughout your building, to integrating voice and data within an IP environment. Certain changes can only be made through a physical configuration and require an on-site visit. However, in many cases we carry out configuration changes remotely via the Internet or via a dial-up modem where applicable.

💿 Installation

We install software for a number of commonly-used telephony systems, quickly and easily establishing a default working state. For certain systems, such as the Nortel/BCM range, we supply hard disks that include the installation software, allowing customers to carry out the installation on their own schedule. Some of these disks can be customized to include additional features that provide system enhancements and prolong the service life of the system.

🗨 Consultancy

We can provide step-by-step instructions for customers to program their own systems, and make any necessary changes – eliminating the need to call out engineers for a site visit. We also advise customers on replacing traditional analouge telephone lines and ISDN digital trunks with newer SIP trunks.